Quarantine Routine Trends on Twitter, Netizens Share How They Spend Time Social Distancing and Some of Them Are Hilarious
Quarantine routine (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The fear of Coronavirus is widespread and everyone has been asked to maintain social distance. People world over are in quarantine and working from home. For those, who haven't been used to staying indoors, it can get boring but right now the only way to keep oneself safe is to stay at home. And while there are people on the internet helping out with some tips and tricks to survive this quarantine phase, others are sharing their quarantine routines. While some of them have made a nice time table to organise their day around, others are dealing with it in hilarious ways. Netizens are sharing their quarantine routines online and some of them are so funny, that you can totally relate. Netizens Get Creative in 'Quarantine Life' as They #QuarantineandChill Amid Coronavirus, Share Funny Memes, GIFs and Videos.

Quarantine essentially means restriction of movement to stop a spread of disease. Social distancing has thus become a norm for people everywhere. A lockdown has been imposed in regions so that people do not step out of their homes at all. But sitting at home for days can get annoying and thus some people have become innovative and sharing their quarantine routines with others. But not everyone seems to be adjusting well, as there are funnier takes on how people are spending their time in social distance. Coronavirus Self-Distancing Satire Memes Go Viral and They Are Too Relatable if You Are Isolating Yourselves to Prevent Catching COVID-19.

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How many of you are still struggling to find yourself a routine to get through the day? It is difficult in the start but you will soon get used to it with passing days. And folks on social media are always there to help. These funny responses, memes and jokes can add to some positivity and smiles amid all the tense atmosphere everywhere.