Rare White Reindeer Captured in Norway Ahead of Christmas 2018! View Cute Pics of The Snow Animal Goes Viral
White reindeer captured by photographer in Norway (Photo credits: Instagram/mads)

The winter season has begun and several parts are experiencing tremendous snowfall. It is a time when a lot of animals go hibernate and the winter ones come out with joy. While we have read of reindeers in Christmas stories and poems, a photographer managed to capture an extremely rare species. Mads Nordsveen, a travel photographer snapped an adorable white reindeer in Norway. It was sure a pleasant Christmas 2018 surprise for the photographer. The reindeer's white fur matches with the pure white snow and the cute photos have been going viral, rightly so. The picture of this rare white reindeer are extremely cute and you would want to look at them over and over again. Snow Woman Bride, Farah Made by a Canadian Family Is Our Latest Crush Who Is Going Viral for All the Right Reasons. 

It was a magical moment as Nordsveen describes it. The reindeer too did not seem to be very camera shy, as he has indeed posed for the photographer. There are white reindeers but since they blend in well with the snowy background, spotting them becomes extremely rare. Talking about this beautiful subject Mads Nordsveen was quoted to Insider, "It was a very special moment, felt so magical. We looked straight into each other’s eyes. I was actually so stunned that it took some seconds before I got reminded by my photographer instinct to grab the camera and save the moment forever."

Check Cute Pictures of Rare White Reindeer Captured in Norway


Isn't he just too adorable? The antlers and eye lines are the only things that distinguish it from the background snow. Talking about capturing this white little calf, the photographer said, "The calf seemed a bit scared at first, but we sat completely quiet and were very calm, and eventually it came quite close." A brown reindeer was also there around the white one, which the photographer thought would be the mother. Christmas poems, stories and cartoons have seen reindeer caricatures on them from so long so spotting them becomes even more special around this season of joy.