Are ghosts real? The word 'paranormal' has sparked many debates among people who believe in spirits. You may come across many instances when amateur videographers have caught an eerie creature wandering in a desolate place or objects moving on their own. Trust it or not, the internet has many such clips that allege to record 'real ghosts on camera'! Intrigued by uncanny incidents experienced by various folks, some ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts are in the line to find the reasons behind such supernatural phenomena. You may have seen everything from The Conjuring to The Grudge, but one's thirst for the mystical can never be quenched by cheap jump-scares on the silver screen. Right? Folks, grab your ghostbusters gear and check out some scary viral videos that have made the internet sleuths in all greek! Is That a Real Ghost? Father Shares Horrifying Video of Daughter Being 'Pulled' Under Bed by Paranormal Being.


The inexplicable feeble creature with a skinny body and hunched back was caught in a security CCTV footage in Moorhead. The viral clip made netizens thrown for a loop.

Dead Son Caught On Cam! 

A mother from Atlanta reportedly got a message on her cell phone as someone was waiting for her in the kitchen. The lady saw the images and spotted a spooky male figure like her dead son.

Phantom In The Middle Of Road! 

The viral video from Odisha shows a human-like figure wearing a creepy dress, what seemed to be a white saree standing in the middle of the road on a dark night.

Any combination of tiredness, drugs, alcohol and light tricks could contribute to unusual experiences. But cameras have always contributed to trusting the paranormal assumptions. For ages, the presence of unknowns believed to be from the world of spirits on this earth remains a big point of controversy. While some term it a mental illusion, others can't ignore their eyes and long-established speculations.

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