What if we told you, you can peel an entire garlic in less than 8 seconds? You'd think, we are kidding, but a TikTok video proves otherwise . The internet is a collection of some of the best hacks, tips and tricks. Be it cooking, decor or recycling, there are so many videos out there which you feel like trying out. Cooking and peeling hacks are quiet common and one such video has netizens wondering if it is real at all! A video of a simple technique to peel garlics has been shared online and believe are amazed as it is barely within a few seconds that an entire garlic is peeled. It takes just one simple cut, to separate and peel the cloves. It seems too unreal because all of us at some point have experienced how difficult it is to peel garlics. But the video has confused netizens, as many think it is fake. This Pomegranate Peeling Hack Video Will Make You Wonder If Your Whole Life is a Lie! Check Funny Memes and Jokes.

It is a TikTok video which is doing rounds on Twitter. The text on the video says, "My whole life is a lie" and when you see how simple it is to peel a garlic, you'd agree. But people have doubts, whether it will work at all, or is it just another thing that you see on the internet, but does not work in real life. Simple hack videos, tips and tricks always have an audience. Who wouldn't love to do things in a simpler manner? Garlic peeling is one annoying task, more so, if you are a person with short nails. But a certain video uses one cut by a cleaver to separate and peel all cloves. How to Eat Pineapple? Viral Video Schools Internet the ‘Correct’ Way to Eat This Tropical Fruit.

Check The Garlic Peeling Hack Here:

Are you too wondering, What? How? Or Your life is a lie too? You are not alone, but do you think its real? Check how netizens have reacted to this extremely simple technique of peeling garlic:

Works Only in Videos

The Immediate Urge to Try It!


HAHAHA, How Real Garlic Peeling is Like


Hacks That Don't Work


Some who even tried it out have mentioned that this doesn't work. Another user called it a scam! Will this work or not? This is not the first time a garlic peeking video has gone viral. Last year, another technique to peel a garlic caught everyone's attention including Chrissy Teigen! Although that still looked a little workable, the latest one has people doubting if it is an edited footage. What do you think?

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