In a linguistic twist, Oxford University Press has declared "Rizz" as the Word of the Year for 2023, catapulting this term into the spotlight. Amidst funny memes, jokes and maybe a little bit of heartache to literature lovers, this new move has made many look up what "rizz" really means. While this new addition to the Oxford English dictionary may be one of the most used words by Gen Z and even millennials, some still have no idea what exactly "Rizz" signify and why it has garnered such attention.

First, credit where it is due: The beauty of "rizz" lies in its adaptability and subjective interpretation, making it a linguistic chameleon in diverse contexts. Or in short, you can use this word in so many ways that it is almost like potato in Bengali cuisine. However, the recognition of "Rizz" as the Word of the Year by Oxford University Press underscores the evolving nature of language. It highlights how language continually morphs and adapts, mirroring the dynamic shifts in societal norms, cultural expressions, and technological advancements.

As with any newly inducted term, its contextual nuances and precise meanings might vary, potentially leading to misinterpretation or miscommunication. Its recognition as the Word of the Year cements its place in contemporary discourse, inviting linguistic exploration and scholarly examination into the intricacies of its usage.

What Does "Rizz" Mean? How to use "Rizz" in Sentences? Origin

Rizz is a colloquial term defined as style, charm, or attractiveness; the ability to attract a romantic or sexual partner, as described by the Oxford University Press. Regarding its origin, OUP suggests it stems from a truncation of "charisma," akin to how "fridge" derives from refrigerator. However, this point remains contested. Personalities associated with this term span from actor Tom Holland to sports journalist Shams Charania.

"I have no rizz whatsoever," Holland remarked during the summer, sparking an online discussion about the individual who is notably in a relationship with Zendaya. But where did this whole phenomenon of 'Rizz' originate?

The surge of 'Rizz' gained momentum across TikTok and other platforms when influencer Kai Cenat started using the term on Twitch. Cenat, boasting over 8 million followers on the platform, streams himself playing video games, engaging with celebrities, pulling pranks on friends, and simply hanging out.

Well, it is interesting to see how many terms we always thought wouldn't cross the borders of social media such as YOLO  are now being officiated by Oxford. “Biatch,” “yogalates,” “‘Merica,” “Oompa Loompa,” “scrumdiddlyumptious” and “Yoda” were also a few of the terms added to the OED. People who grew up reading Shakespeare, Kafka and Poe may have never imagined this day would arrive but then again that's the way of the world!

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