Istanbul, November 19: Expensive restaurants all around the world are well known for charging outrageous amounts for basic meals. But among foodies, a supposed bill from Turkish chef Nusret Gokce's restaurant has sparked outrage. In 2017, Nusret Gokce, who gained notoriety online for his unusual steak-salting technique, went viral.

Later on, he founded the chain of exclusive steakhouses Nusr-Et. In recent years, customers have regularly complained about Nusr-Et's exorbitant prices. The restaurants' overemphasis on display at the expense of food quality has also drawn criticism. Salt Bae Is Back! This Time Nusret Gökçe Is Experimenting With Cheese (Watch Video).

A video showing Nusret Gokce cooking a steak at one of his restaurants and using his trademark salt-sprinkling method was recently posted by an X user. Beneath the video, the X user also included a purported cost breakdown of a bill from a Nusr-Et restaurant. A Sprite was priced at $10 (about Rs 800) based on the cost breakdown, more than ten times its market worth. The 'Golden Tomahawk,' a beef steak encased in gold foil, cost $1000 (about ₹ 83,000).

Salt Bae Restaurant Faces Irk Online Over Excessive Pricing

As a chef what bothers me most is he immediately broke one of the biggest knife skill safety standards out there, bro forgot to wipe down the knife after refining the edge with the steel, people don't steel shavings in their food, a user said while reacting to the shocking prices of the restaurant. Video: Climate Activists Thrown Out of Salt Bae’s London Steak Restaurant After Protest.

Another wrote, "There's a reason his restaurants started failing en masse once the TikTok trenders got bored. Hot take but gold foil on food is usually a clear sign the chef is pretentious and not as talented. Does nothing for taste and just increases the price of food superficially."

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