Russian Naked Man Tries to Board Plane at Moscow Airport, Claiming to be More Aerodynamic
Naked man tries to board flight in Russia (Photo Credits:Video grab)

A man recently stripped off completely before boarding a plane from Russia's Domodedovo airport in Moscow. Video footage shows him standing absolutely naked, covering his private parts in the queue of boarding a Ural Airline plane. The staff nabbed him and he was detained by the police. The reason he chose to go without any clothes was to feel more comfortable on the flight. According to the witnesses, he claimed that he was more aerodynamic without any clothes on him. Almost Naked Teenager Runs & Climb the Wing of Airplane at Atlanta Airport, Nabbed by Police: Watch Video.

The man, whose identity is withheld was not obviously not allowed to board the flight by the officials. He also did not show any signs of being drunk. According to an eye witness quoted to REN TV, "He shouted that he was naked because clothing impairs the aerodynamics of the body. He flies with more agility when undressed." The man was originally from the Russian port city of Yakutsk. He was detained by the police and taken to the medical room of the airport. He was even hospitalised in the medical facility. Couple Caught Having Sex on Mexico-Bound Flight, Husband & Wife Shares Explicit Footage! Watch Viral Video.

Watch Video of Naked Man Trying to Board a Plane from Moscow: 

The man passed through the checks and then started taking off all his clothes, running over the jet bridge that connects the terminals to the planes. When asked why he was travelling naked he said that clothes hinder his ability to fly! He later kneeled in front of the police and then leaned against the walls. He stared blankly at the wall.