Whenever the internet goes down, Google Chrome flashes up a dinosaur game to the users which can be played offline. Many of us enjoy this respite as the net goes down. Now based on the same game, a Reddit user has made a satirical game that takes a dig at PM-Cares fund, an emergency situations fund that was created for the pandemic. Available on https://pmcares.fund/ this game replaces the T-Rex figure with PM Modi and the obstacles include Media, Coronavirus, Bumping into People, Supreme Court. Each of which gives a reaction about the current situation and takes a dig at what's happening in the country. Netizens are loving this game and praising it for its creativity. PM-CARES Fund Row Raised in Lok Sabha: Adhir Chowdhury Asks 'How Much Fund Health Ministry Received?' Harsh Vardhan Responds.

Reddit user posted on the site yesterday, "I bought the domain name pmcares.fund because it was available and made a satirical Modi-themed chrome dinosaur game in it." Soon enough everyone tried it out and are loving it. The first page of the game reads, "Unable to display PM CARES fund details. PM CARES fund details could not be displayed because the Government won't allow you to see it" and flashes an error code. Once you start playing and if you bump into an obstacle it flashes a different message every time with regards to the situation. For ex: if you dash into the Coronavirus obstacle it reads, "COVID-19 cases are going up, there is “no problem. Please continue." Netizens have loved the idea and are asking everyone online to play it and enjoy the satire it offers.

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There are a lot more tweets and the messages are being shared on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram too. The game takes a dig at the lack of transparency and accountability regarding the usage of the funds by the government. Amid the ongoing row about the same and criticism it faces, this game does the same but in a much amusing way.

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