Allyssia Razo, a 20-year-old woman from Florida, jumped into the Gulf of Mexico in order to evade arrest after she was caught having sex on a public pier in Naples with 23-year-old Zadok Westfield. The incident took place on Memorial Day, May 27. According to the police, Allyssia and Zadok were engaging in sexual intercourse on the historic pier when bystanders noticed them and contacted the authorities. The police received calls stating that the two were behind a locked gate that had a no-trespassing sign on it.

When the police officer responded to the calls and began to arrest the couple, Zadok stayed on the pier, but, to escape arrest, Allyssia jumped into the Gulf of Mexico despite cops warning her not to. Her escape attempt, however, failed when she was caught by the beach patrol while attempting to return to the shore. Couple Caught on Camera Kissing in Bengaluru Metro: Viral Video Shows Duo Indulging in PDA Inside Metro Train, Police Responds.

Allyssia and Zadok were still at the pier and still engaging in public indecency when the cops arrived. They quickly tried to get dressed. Allyssia then moved to the pier’s edge and eventually jumped into the Gulf of Mexico, ignoring the officer’s instructions to stay put. Zadok, however, remained on the pier and explained to the police that they had originally planned to swim to the end of the pier and jump off, but they changed their minds and ended up having sex instead. Couple Having Sex in Public Caught on Camera in UK: Commuter Making TikTok Video Shocked To See Man Receiving Oral Sex by Woman at Birmingham New Street Station.

A woman who was at the beach with her children informed the police of the couple's inappropriate behaviour. The witness expressed how upset she was that her kids had seen what was happening and even asked her what the couple was doing. Unfortunately, such incidents are rampant, despite several arrests and warnings being made. Allyssia and Zadok were charged with trespassing and disturbing the peace. In addition, Allyssia was also arrested for resisting arrest without violence. However, both were released on bail later that day.

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