Silver Kanye West Debuts New Opera in Miami but It Is the Funny Memes and Jokes Grabbing More Attenion and WE CAN'T EVEN!
Kanye West Memes (Photo Credits: Twitter/@jbillinson and @Tiffyybabyy90)

If you are a living human being in 2019 with an internet connection and social media accounts, you may have noticed Kanye West's silver avatar taking over Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  Kanye debuted in his latest opera and pictures of him with his entire body in metallic silver is going viral. And we are not just talking shocked reactions but hilarious memes and joke that will make you ROFL, real hard. Kanye memes are anyway, extremely popular and now these pictures are like fodder for meme-makers.

The hip-hop star, staged his sophomore opera, Mary, at the Miami Marine Stadium as part of the final day of Art Basel on Sunday and some of his off-stage pictures are to LIT to ignore. So according to E!,  the opera told the Christmas nativity story through Gospel arrangements of Kanye's songs, including "Devil in a New Dress", "Love Lockdown", etc. While nobody knows the clear reasons but Kanye sure had himself and his entire Sunday Service gospel choir coated in silver paint.   Check out the best memes:

That's True, BTW!

Oh! The Resemblance


I Can't Even...


Who Thinks Of Such Stuff?


Who Did This?



Before this, he debuted Nebuchadnezzar at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and didn't fetch all great response. In November, Kanye West made a surprise secret appearance at a Houston, Texas jail where he performed with his Sunday Service choir for several intimates on Friday. The rapper-turned-gospel singer performed songs from his new gospel album "Jesus is King."