Skirt With a Hood For Your Bum? H&M's Latest Product Has Disappointed The Twitterati
H&M skirt with a hood (Photo credits: H&M)

It would not be wrong to say that fashion trends have been going all experimental this year. In an attempt to make unique clothes available, brands have made several new offerings. But not all of them have been impressive for the audience, like the latest skirt with a hood at H&M. The skirt looks more like a hoodie and you'd have to look twice at the title to know it is a skirt. Twitterati isn't impressed with this skirt which has a hood to cover around your bum. Like why? Thong Jeans are a Hit However You May Laugh at It! There’s Waitlist for Denim Brand’s Extreme Cut Out Jeans Priced at Rs 11,424! 

People on Twitter have questioned the brand as to why did they even think of making such a skirt. Some even thought of it as a dog jacket. The grey coloured skirt has a hood just at the bum area which looks like an unwanted extension, especially drawing attention to the bum. It is priced at £34.99. It is of sweatshirt material, which does pass it off as a hoodie. With a two-way zip down the front, side pockets and an unwanted addition. Check how some of the people on Twitter have reacted to this hood with a skirt. A Jacket That Covers Only One Arm is the New Fashion Trend.

It's Not a Dog Jacket?

Smoking too much H&M?

Why Though?

Worst fashion scenario!

Women are clearly not impressed with this hood skirt and yes, it does look odd. Probably the hood skirt would keep one warm but it doesn't score any well on the fashion angle.