Snapchat Down Has Users Rushing to Twitter With Funny GIFs and Meme Reactions
Snapchat down memes (Photo Credits: Pixabay, Twitter)

Snapchat went down yesterday and users were inconvenienced with the sudden loss of communication on their snap streaks. Users were unable to send snaps and issues were particularly focused in western Europe and the east coast of the US. People then rushed to Twitter to see if everyone is talking about it. There were a lot of funny GIF reactions that were shared by the netizens on Twitter. #SnapchatDown was trending for a while as everyone tried to figure out what was the issue. And if there is one thing that we all netizens excel in, is giving funny reactions and memes to it. Snapchat Down Again Globally, Users Clueless.

Not everyone was affected by the problem as some revealed they could still use the app, send snaps and receive too. But those who could not headed to Twitter to see if they're not the only one. That's the benefit of having multiple social media platforms. Some users had some really funny reactions to see that all the Snapchat users were united on Twitter, to see if the former app was down. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter's Dark Mode Feature Funny Memes and Jokes Are Here to Brighten up Your Weekend!

Check Some Funny Reactions on #SnapchatDown:

What is Happening?

How Snapchat Users Rushed to Twitter

Oh The Cute Guy...

Major Relate?

Y U Do Dis?


Meanwhile, Snapchat Employees

When we are constantly glued to social media applications, a breaking down of one has an effect on the others. Recently, when Twitter went down a few days ago, people were once again up with funny jokes and memes about the blackout. The company representative of Snapchat also informed that they were working on fixing the issue and it was back after an hour. But that hour-long crash was enough to send everyone tweeting about it.