How does one play team outdoor games like football amid situations when you cannot even come in a 6 ft distance of another person? Well, an amateur football team in Germany had to pay the price for social distancing while the game on by being hit by a massive 37-0 defeat on Sunday. They practised social distancing in the game against local rival SV Holdenstedt II. SG Ripdorf/Molzen known to play in the 11th tier of German football, fielded just seven players over COVID-19 risk. Holdenstedt reportedly had come into contact with an infected player during its previous game. While the club tried postponing the game, its opponent denied as the team had later tested negative for coronavirus.

Florian Schierwater, the club's coach was in no mood to call off the match as he told Altmark Zeitung there was "no basis to call off the match" because none of the players had come into contact with an infected person. Finally, seven Ripdorf players volunteer to take part in the game and the club avoided a fine. CFA Suspends All Remaining Games in Cyprus Football League Amid COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Ristow told CNN: "In this pandemic, our club hasn't much money to pay this so our team said they would play, but keep distance from the opponents," "During the full 90 minutes, our players kept perfect distance so Holdenstedt had enough time to score goals. We didn't speak about tactics because we all knew that this game would be a big loss. Our opponent didn't understand when we walked to the side of the pitch."

"We also know that the score is really bad but security is more important than a game for us. For all players this result is okay and [at] the end of the season, it's important to collect points and not goals", he further said. Coronavirus is taking a toll on the gaming industry. Major tournaments had to be called off in the past six months. Closer to home, in India, IPL was cancelled and later postponed which now it's finally happening.

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