The ongoing US Presidential Election 2020 is giving us a lot of social media reactions. Whether it is the huge voters’ turnout as compared to the previous 2016 elections or the senior citizens being captured in adorable videos to vote, or the super cool, ‘I Voted stickers,’ we have seen a lot from the polls. As we eagerly wait for the results to be announced, internet users have been flooding Twitter with US Elections 2020 hilarious memes and jokes. Amid all of that, Republican nominee, Donald Trump tweeted, ‘Stop the Count,’ in all caps, appearing to have a mini-meltdown on Twitter and it gave rise to some funny reactions that include Count Dracula from Sesame Street and the tweets are hilarious.

The November 3 election reportedly saw a record voter turnout of 66.9 percent, highest since 1900. The number shows the enthusiasm among the citizens of the country. It has been nearly three days now, since people not only in the US but in other countries as well, waiting eagerly for the country to declare the winner of this election. The slow counting of votes in Nevada has people sharing memes and jokes. According to the latest update, democrat candidate, Joe Biden is leading and meanwhile, President Trump, seemed to have a Twitter meltdown. He tweeted, “STOP THE COUNT!”

Here's the Tweet:

But we all know, and Sesame Street knows that you can’t stop the count. Twitter is filled with hilarious reactions on Trump’s tweet, and you cannot ignore Count Dracula. Sesame Street’s iconic Count von Count, a Dracula-esque vampire Muppet who loves to discover exactly how many of any given thing exists, has become a battle cry for the 2020 election.

Check Reactions!




The Best!


He Can't be Stopped!

The world is watching with bated breath, all of us waiting for the flood of legitimately cast mail votes to be delivered and tallied so that American citizens and the rest of the countries know which Presidential candidate won the election.

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