Chandigarh, January 23: A man playing Lord Hanuman in a 'Ramlila' fell down at the feet of the person portraying Lord Ram for a bit longer, the audience clapped and it seemed a scene well enacted, except that it turned out to be the last performance of the 62-year-old. Harish died on stage during the act in Haryana's Bhiwani district on Monday, his son Sumansh told PTI over the phone.

The 'Ramlila' where he His performance was part of several events organised across the state on Monday to mark the consecration ceremony at the newly constructed Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. During his performance, Harish was supposed to bow at the feet of the man playing Lord Ram's character. While enacting the scene, Harish fell down at the feet of the man playing Lord Ram. Man Dies of Heart Attack in Bhiwani: Man Playing Hanuman Collapses During Ramlila Performance in Haryana, Dies On Stage (Watch Video)

As part of the act, a song was playing in the background and visuals showed Harish collapsing. Everyone thought Harish, who had been playing the role of Hanuman for the past 25 years, was taking blessings of Lord Ram and the audience even clapped. However, a few seconds later the people realised that Harish had collapsed and suffered a cardiac arrest. He was rushed in his costume to a nearby hospital where doctors declared him as brought dead. Haryana Shooting Video: Four Bike-Borne Miscreants Open Fire at Man Standing Outside His House in Bhiwani, Flee After Woman With Broomstick Charges at Them

Man Dies of Heart Attack in Bhiwani

Sanjay Panwar, head of the New Basukinath Ramlila Committee committee, said the incident left everyone in deep shock. "For a few seconds everyone thought Harish ji was seeking blessings as he did not rise, but soon we realised what had happened and tried to revive him at the spot itself. As he showed no response, he was immediately rushed to a hospital, but he had passed away," Panwar said, adding that the deceased was a retired Haryana government employee from the power utilities.