Nizamabad, December 26: In Telangana, a groom's family was upset that the non-vegetarian menu for dinner arranged by the bride's side did not include mutton bone marrow. As a result, the wedding was called off. The groom is a native of Jagtiyal region in the state, while the bride reportedly belongs to Nizamabad. The two got engaged at the bride's house earlier this November, and the wedding was put off shortly after.

A non-vegetarian lunch had been prepared by the bride's family for the attendees, which also included the groom's family. No Mutton, No Marriage: Bride Calls Off Wedding Over Groom’s ‘More Meat’ For Baraatis Demand in Odisha.

Following the engagement ceremony, guests noticed that mutton bone marrow was missing from the menu, and a brawl broke out among the two sides over it. The argument got more heated when the bride's relatives, who were hosting, revealed that bone marrow had not been put into the menu.

The cops soon became involved. The local police station's representatives attempted to talk the groom's family out of the altercation, but they remained unyielding, furious at what they perceived as an "insult".

They said that the bride's family had withheld the news that bone marrow was off the menu from them on purpose. In the end, the groom's family decided to call off the wedding, ending the engagement party. UP Shocker: Groom in Sambhal Calls Off Wedding After Bride Blows Kisses to Guests, Her Mother Dances and Smokes Cigarettes at Marriage Ceremony (Watch Videos).

Numerous people noted that the incident's narrative matched that of a well regarded Telugu film. In the March film "Balagam," a wedding between two families was called off due to a disagreement about mutton bone marrow.

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