To cricket fans, Mahendra Singh Dhoni stands not just as an icon of immense stature BUT simply the God of this game. Recently, the fandom and craze for MS Dhoni has taken a very interesting turn, we call it a really really funny turn! A viral trend titled "Thala for a Reason" has surged in online prominence, with "Thala" being a revered title bestowed upon Dhoni by his fans. 'Thala for a reason' aka connecting the jersey no. 7 with literally everything else that is 7.

The trend is hilarious BUT it also very effortlessly tells how much Indians love Mahi and that our support for the for Indian Cricket team captain is unwavering. This trend has garnered attention not only from social media users but also from various brands. It involves creatively linking the number 7 (Dhoni's jersey number) to emphasize his greatness and iconic status. Numerous food brands, too, have joined in, offering their unique interpretations of this viral trend. ‘Thala For A Reason’ Memes Featuring MS Dhoni and His Jersey Number 7 Go Viral. 

The "Thala for a Reason" meme is derived from the nickname "Thala," meaning "leader" or "chief," attributed to MS Dhoni. His fans initially gave him this title during his tenure as captain of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) franchise in the Indian Premier League (IPL). The meme "Thala for a Reason" is often used humorously to indicate the eternal truth which is how great he is. In a celebratory context to highlight Dhoni's strategic decisions, successes, or iconic moments on and off the cricket field, this funny meme trend is going viral and HOW! Take a glimpse at the connections people are drawing between Dhoni's iconic jersey number 7 and a myriad of elements, spanning from the colors of a rainbow to the ceremonial pheras in a traditional Hindu wedding. Check out some of the best "Thala for a Reason" funny memes and jokes:



Oh Yes!





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Sahi Baat Hai

This trend forms a delightful blend of unpredictability, extending to counting letters in people's names and movie titles, all while embracing the playful catchphrase 'Thala for a reason.' It humorously teases ardent fans who habitually associate various aspects with the captivating number 7. Remarkably, this trend stands out for its unique and whimsical nature.

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