The KiKi Challenge is Causing Accidents, Here Are Some Other Fatal Social Media Challenges That Went Viral
Dangerous social media challenges that went viral (Photo credits: Twitter)

As much as we talk of the reach of social media there have been enough instances to prove how it has been a bad influence. It's a classic example of how an overdose of anything can lead to bad things. Among the many uses of social media to propagate different causes, there were several social media challenges that went viral. The reach of the social media is such, that these challenges become global in a short span of a few days or weeks. But being a part of these trend has also claimed lives. The latest trending is Kiki Challenge or the #InMyFeelings challenge, which was started by a popular comedian Shiggy, dancing on road to Drake's song. It is proving dangerous, with people literally jumping out of cars to dance on the song. There have been accidents and failures of the challenges leading to serious injuries. #FitnessChallenge Becomes The New Viral Trend: Hope Alteast This One Will Make a Difference.

Any social media challenge that started in a particular country has never just stayed confined to a particular area. And a generation that fears missing out on anything has played along, not caring if it is dangerous or even sensible. The Kiki Challenge is proving a problem for the cops, who have to remain on their toes to prevent mishaps. But this is not the only one, we have seen several dangerous challenges, which have claimed lives. And it makes us wonder, whether the need to gain attention is so important for today's generation?

Here are some dangerous Social Media Challenges Which Have Proved Fatal:

Kiki Challenge or #InMyFeelings Challenge: Challenging someone for a dance and post a video is not new. But the Kiki Challenge, meant people have to step out of their cars and perform a dance that synchs to the lyrics of the popular song, 'Kiki Do You Love Me?' To prove they are good at it, people are stepping out of their moving cars and dancing along as the car moves ahead at a slow pace. But not caring about the vehicles approaching from behind, there have been terrible accidents. The fails of this challenge, the resultant funny videos are also popularly being shared on social media in the name of 'humour.' But while it looks funny as a third person, the participant is severely hurt and injured. The challenge is proving fatal and leading to several accidents. #InMyFeelings Challenge! Is Jumping Out of Cars Worth Social Media Attention? Check Videos.

Blue Whale Challenge: The gaming addiction has been a problem to counter in the teenagers. And to add to the misery was the Blue Whale challenge, a dangerous game asking teens to complete one task after another as the level increased. The challenges got tougher and the final levels asked the gamer to self-mutilate, running away from home or even commit suicide to end it. Those seriously addicted to the game didn't care about the dangers and lost out on their lives. There were several cases of suicide during the challenge.

Condom snorting challenge: Just as the name suggests, the condom snorting challenge saw teenagers inhaling condoms up their nostrils and pulling them out of their mouths. Not just was one of the grossest challenges seen, but potentially dangerous for health. If the condom got stuck in the windpipe, it would result in death! Plus the lubricant in condom contains chemicals which could also end up in the lungs of the person. But teens were doing it for the thrill of it.

Hot Water Bucket Challenge: A few years ago the ASL Challenge saw people pour icy cold water on themselves to raise awareness about the syndrome. But while that may have been successful to an extent, the internet also saw the opposite Hot Water Bucket Challenge. Kids enthusiastically joined in to pour boiling hot water on themselves. The skin turned red with the burns and the pain was unbearable, but people did it anyway. People were getting second-degree burns and also the attention they craved for.

These are a few examples where people have gone ahead and just accepted challenges for the heck of it and even if it meant putting their lives at risk. These may not have made any changes to the society or addressed any social cause even, but the fear of missing out on the trend pulled people to do the grossest of stuff. Instead of doing it to make it funny or make yourself look cool, it is time to prove you are logical.