The Royal Butler, Britain’s etiquette expert has caused quite a stir online after he said that one must use 'Knife and Fork or Chopsticks' to eat rice. He categorically said that 'We Do Not Use Hands and Fingers' for eating rice, leaving desi Twitteratti infuriated. In India and many other south-Asian countries, eating with clean hands is a common habit. Very few people eat using a spoon or fork, especially when it comes to eating real desi food. However, this particular tweet that The Royal Butler made with a picture of an almost empty plate of rice where he can be seen eating rice with a fork and knife, has created an uproar on social media. He is said to be "Britain’s Etiquette Expert/Broadcaster/ Royal Commentator/Royal Aide. Former Butler to Princes Charles, William & Harry," as per his Twitter bio.  Eating Gulab Jamun With Fork? Desi Twitterati is Annoyed With The Method of Eating This Sweet Dish in a Viral Clip, Ask 'Kaun Hain ye Log?'

His tweet read: "Ladies and gentlemen, remember we always use a knife and fork or chopsticks to eat rice! We do not use our hands or fingers !!!" However, desi Twitterverse is not having it. Referring to an Indonesian food item, one Twitter user wrote: "If you eat nasi padang with knife and fork, you miss the fun, bro. I pity you." Another Twitter user took a much taunt-laced tone for this tweet saying: "I’m sorry for doubting the words of someone who doesn’t wash his butt after pooping."

The Royal Butler, Britain’s Etiquette Expert's Tweet:

The tweet has blown up and is filled with people criticising him for being "racist" as well. "Y get racist on eating with hands? Eating with clean hands isn't only a cultural thing but got a scientific bases too - feel of hotness & texture stimulates appetite ctrs in brain & prevents thermal injuries 2 mouth Hands definitely got an evolutionary function unlike spoon/ fork", read a tweet. "And just feeling the texture of the food makes your body ready for the food. You realize how much you eat and enjoy it more when you eat with your hands," read yet another tweet. What do you think? Do you like eating your rice with your clean hands or not?

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