This Boy Should Participate in Olympics for India, Says Netizens As Video of His Long Jump Across River Goes Viral!
Indian boy's long jump across river goes viral (Photo Credits: Aashkey Twitter, surelaraj978 TikTok)

TikTok videos often go viral on social media amusing people. Everything from cringe pop to amazingly made music videos catch the fancy of social media users. While TikTok is infamous for terribly made videos which go viral giving everyone a dose of laughter, there were good ones which get hidden beneath the routine. Recently, a video posted by a TikTok user went viral on social media shocking people. It shows a young boy crossing a wide river in a single jump. And now the internet has termed him a born 'long jump champion' and wants him to jump for India in Olympics. Man Rescues King Cobra Stuck Inside Bike in Karnataka, TikTok Video Goes Viral.

The video posted by TikToK user surelaraj978 was quick to grab a lot of eyeballs on the social media app. As the video was widely shared, people complimented the boy's abilities and said that he should receive formal training in the long jump. With social media being good at discovering talent and making careers of people, we hope the boy soon receives what he rightly deserves. A Twitter user tweeted the video with the caption, "Retweet if you want him to jump for India in Olympics. Let our authorities know about this future gold medallist." Naagin Dance by JCB Machines Is Making Netizens Laugh Like Crazy, Watch Funny TikTok Video.

Watch The Video Below:

However, not everyone appeared to be convinced of his abilities. One of the comments read, "Long jump records are 29 ft. 4 1/4 inch for men, women 24 ft.8 inches. This guy just jumped 10-12 ft on Tik Tok video with some Haryanvi background song, and they want him to send for Olympics?!?!?!? We’ve chosen our PM just like this." Meanwhile, some defended him saying that if he is given the right training, he can reach greater heights. As the video continued to be shared widely on social media, people came up with varying opinions.