This Time 'PTI's Lund Gets The Axe' as Pakistan media Loves to Play With Iftikhar Ahmed's Surname and Twitter Can't Keep Calm
Samaa TV for the news about PTI’s Iftikhar Ahmed Khan Lund (Photo Credits: Twitter)

A piece of news is lifeless if it isn't supported by a good headline. But when we talk about funny and quirky titles of news stories having unintentionally NSFW content, Pakistani media has some good experience in the arena. Remember the time a Pakistani daily, The Express Tribune made the internet go LOL when they wrote a headline on the lines of asking a PTI local leader, Iftikhar Ahmed Lund to keep an "iron rod" ready for the day of by-polls? (Desi people, say aye!). This time it is the headline, "PTI’s Iftikhar Lund gets the axe"(We don't even need to get into the details, LOL) run by Samaa Digital for the news about PTI’s Iftikhar Ahmed Khan Lund getting fired from his position as the focal person on human rights for Sindh. He was fired after the Minister of Human Rights Shireen Marazi was urged to take back the notification. However, they have now updated the headline with "PTI’s Iftikhar Lund gets the axe" stressing that what they mean by "Lund" is the surname of the person and not the slang. Pakistani Newspaper’s Headline Asking ‘Lund’ to Keep ‘Iron Rod’ Ready Should Be Given ‘No Ball’ Prize Says Twitter.

The choice of words of the headline of the story in question is making people go ROFL real hard and it is so desi that a person who isn't desi enough can't even attempt to get it.

Check out Samaa TV's headline:

Here are some of the funniest reactions:

Don't even ask


Who did this?

Can anyone clarify?


Point hai?

I can't even...


For real

Save me


Well, no matter what the headline has garnered a lot of attention online, or was it curated with an intention to garner a lot of attention? Never mind. We had a hearty laugh, and you should too.

Disclaimer: The article is not written to hurt the public image of any individual mentioned in the article. We at LatestLY do not intend to hurt or insult any person’s sentiment involved. We hope the following piece of information amuses you as much as it did to us.