Tigers Clash Over Territory in Madhya Pradesh's Kanha Tiger Reserve, Video Goes Viral
Tiger clash over territory (Photo Credits: @ParveenKaswan Twitter)

Video of two tigers fighting amongst themselves has gone viral on social media platforms. The big cats were seen standing at loggerheads in Madhya Pradesh's Kanha Tiger Reserve. It seems the spat was over territorial domination. As the video went viral, people commented about the ferocious nature of the animals and the rules of the forest. Tiger Attack Video! Dad Captures Scary Moment a Big Cat Tried to Attack His Son at Dublin Zoo (Watch Viral Video)

In the video which was shared by Parveen Kaswan, IFS on Twitter, the duo can be seen sizing each other before giving blows to each other. Tourists who were visiting the national park witnessed the incident live from a safe distance. He shared the video with the caption, "Territorial fight between two full grown #tigers. Listen with headphones. The powerful Roar and it's echo from Indian #forests. Forwarded via Whatsapp by friend."

Watch The Video Here:

This video comes a month after a clip of two tigers were caught on camera at Rajasthan's Ranthambore National Park. Two tigers - T57 and T58 were seen engaged in a ferocious fight over a tigress, Noor. The video of the fight showed one of the tigers walking up behind the other and starting the fight. However, the tigress Noor could be seen running away at the beginning of the video. Videos of such incidents often go viral on social media. Isn't it amusing to see the laws and rules of the wild?