Titan Arum Known As 'Corpse Flower' Blooms in Indonesian Farm, Smell of Rotten Flesh Attracts Visitors (Watch Video)
Titan Arum (Photo Credits: Times of Oman YouTube)

A corpse flower that bloomed on an Indonesian farm has surprised its owner. The rare flower attracted tourists as it sent a pungent smell to the surroundings. The phallus-shaped flower bloomed in a local palm oil farmer Rosihan Anwar Hasibuan's farm. The farmer said he was checking on his crops on the farm when he saw the rare flower. The Amorphophallus titanum also known as titan arum sometimes takes upto ten years to bloom. Once bloomed, it lasts only for a few days and often attracts people for its smell and size.

Titan arums are the largest flowers in the world with their height ranging between three to ten meters. Corpse flowers are cultivated in botanical gardens across the world, drawing huge crowds. They are native to Sumatra and have faced threats from deforestation. The inside of the flower is crimson coloured like its petals. India International Cherry Blossom Festival 2018 Begins in Shillong as Himalayan Cherry Flowers Bloom (See Pictures)

Watch the video here:

A corpse flower around two and a half meters had bloomed in the Life Sciences Greenhouse at Dartmouth, the United States in September 2016. Watch the time lapse of the corpse flower's blooming:

Adelaide Botanic Garden in Australia was also pouring in with visitors last month as a rare Sumatran flower smelling like rotting flesh bloomed. The flower had sent a waft of dead corpse across the garden as it fully bloomed. Its natural smell attracts carrion beetles and flesh flies. Visitors also compare the smell of the flower to that of a dead rat or dirty baby diapers.