06 Aug, 21:07 (IST)

A French rapper, Jnr Slice's stone-faced expression has inspired a funny meme trend on Twitter. It goes, 'Me in Public vs My Earphones,' and the reactions are hilarious AF!Check Tweets:

06 Aug, 20:14 (IST)

A Texas man had a lucky escape after bolt of lightning strikes tree next to him, while he was watching storm roll in his front yard. The video capturing the moment has gone viral.Watch Video:

06 Aug, 18:45 (IST)

A video shared by Shedd Aquarium, USA shows two penguins exploring the aquarium's gift shop. The birds roamed around the store together and seems to have found their favourite toy as well.Watch Video:

06 Aug, 17:23 (IST)

England's first wild beavers in 400 years are now allowed to stay at their homes in River Otter. It is a landmark decision as it is the first legally sanctioned reintroduction of an extinct native mammal to England.Check Tweet:

06 Aug, 16:36 (IST)

Heavy rainfall continues to pour in Mumbai, that caused waterlogging in several parts of the city. #MumbaiFloods is trending on Twitter with people sharing videos and photos of the flooded lanes and streets in the city.Check Tweets:

06 Aug, 15:20 (IST)

A video of an older woman, playing her piano surrounded by rubble in her home. Her granddaughter posted the video on Facebook first that shows her grandmother playing the classic song, “Auld Lang Syne.” Read the full story here.Watch Video:

06 Aug, 14:01 (IST)

Today marks the 75th year to the historic nuclear bombings in Hiroshima during the WWII. People have taken to Twitter to remember this tragic day.Check Tweets:

06 Aug, 12:36 (IST)

A bride in Lebanon was posing for her wedding shoot when the explosions took place. A video has captured moments before the explosion and is going viral. Thankfully, both the bride and the groom were safe from the disaster.Check The Video Here:

06 Aug, 11:56 (IST)

A local in Wadala area of Mumbai carried a kitten on his motorcycle after rescuing it, amid heavy rainfall in the city. He said, "I am taking the kitten home." Video of him taking the kitten has been shared online. Check The Video Here:

06 Aug, 10:54 (IST)

People have taken to Twitter to express how disappointing this year has been and given some funny memes and jokes. #2020WorstYear is trending on Twitter.Check Some Memes Here:

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Good morning people! It is yet another day, which means new hope and lot of exciting viral moments. But before you start the day, remember to count your blessings and begin yet another Thursday with positivity. In case you lack the motivation to get up from the bed, netizens are here to the rescue with its thoughtful quotes and Good Morning messages. Through this blog, we bring you all the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes of the day, so that you know what netizens are sharing today, August 6, 2020.

A lot of things have gone viral on social media. Mumbai is drenched in heavy rainfall, and many videos and photos show flooded streets and lanes. Again, the constant updates of COVID-19 cases from across the world remain the highlights on social media. Amid stressful situation, there comes viral videos and funny memes that are a hit among netizens, in a bid to spread much-needed joy during these difficult times. We must say, that social media have been playing a significant role in terms of creating awareness and also spreading important information to the netizens.

Each day, new trends are coming up online. Stay in tune with us to know all the latest buzz from the internet world. Meanwhile, stay home and stay safe. Happy Thursday, everyone!