BJP leader, Kailash Vijayvargia has taken it to another level. Vijayvargia was recently quoted saying that he doubted there were some Bangladeshis among construction labourers, working at his house recently. How he identified them? Well, they were ‘only’ eating poha. The minister’s statement was not welcomed by Twitterati. And here enters, Poha jokes!Check Tweet:

Abhishek Bachchan began the shoot for his upcoming film Bob Biswas, directed by Diya Annapurna Ghosh. Fans thrilled.Check Tweet:

A video of a woman slurping on bat soup is doing rounds on the internet. It is scary since there is news of coronavirus infection. Read the story here.Watch the video here:

The latest social media challenge trending online is #DollyPartonChallenge. People are sharing their own pictures as memes as a part of this fun game.Check some pics below:

A TikTok video of a pet dog who hurled away a snake, like it was a stick has been shared online and it is now going viral. The dog's actions are being hailed as a hero. Read the story here

Watch the TikTok Video here:

A video on Twitter is going viral that showed a pride of lion, casually catwalking on the road. The clip has enthralled the netizens who can't stop themselves from re-watching the wildest moment.Watch Video:

The state of Uttar Pradesh was founded today, January 24. Also known as UP Diwas in Hindi, people have taken to Twitter to wish the state on this significant day.Check Tweets:

A hilarious video of a girl with her friends inside a lift has gone viral. The clip shows a girl whose father called while she was enjoying with friends. She begins to convince her dad that she is at vegetable market and not with "friends." Her gang acts out to make her father believe. The clip will surely crack you up.Watch Video:

It is the celebration of girls today. Every year, on January 24, National Girl Child Day is celebrated. The day is observed to promote awareness about many challenges that a girl child in the Indian society goes through. Twitter is filled with #NationalGirlChildDay images and wishes.Check Tweets:

It is almost weekend. Netizens have welcomed the day with amazing quotes and images. #FridayFeeling, #FridayMotivation and #FridayThoughts are currently running as the top trending hashtags on Twitter.Check Tweets:

Happy Friday, to every social media addict out there! Finally, the day is here when you can move out of the office leaving behind all the unnecessary stress and all set to rock the weekend. At least, that is the vibe we get from various social media platforms. Netizens are in an amazing mood and are sharing their plans to spend Friday night. Apart from that, it is the weekly Friday updates that have taken over social media. Since it is almost about the weekend, people are happy posts online. Majorly, there are posts under #FridayThoughts, #FridayThrowback, #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation and #FriYAY is trending on Twitter. People are all about positivity and motivational quotes under these hashtags.

It is National Girl Child Day today, so people are sharing amazing write-ups, posts, speeches, poems, videos and picture posts, about girl babies online. It is also International Day of Education today, and its effects can be seen on social media. People are sharing their thoughts about how it is important to be educated and about the power of knowledge. The world also observes Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day today that draws attention to the rare neurological condition.

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