In the latest update, Costa Rica becomes the first country in Central America to legalise same-sex marriage. A lesbian couple made history with their wedding being shown on national television as soon as the law came into effect. Twitterati rejoice!Check Tweets:

This is an emotional video. 8-year-old Riley Rejniak, who is battling neuroblastoma for a second time, was surprised to see more than 600 vehicles showing up as a birthday parade for him. He continued waving at the cars and motorcycles while celebrating his birthday.Watch Video:

YouTuber Bhuvan Bam just won hearts of netizens after releasing his latest episode of Titu Talks. He addressed the issue which unfortunately many YouTubers have lately failed to acknowledge. In his Titu Talks Episode 3 video, titled, “Lifelines of Society,” Bhuvan interviewed people from different communities which are significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read full story here.Check Memes:

Video of a wild bear chasing a young boy has gone viral on social media platforms. His calm reaction following the advice of an elder person recording the video is being praised online.Watch The Video Below:

Video of two alligators engaged in a fierce battle at a golf course in Florida has gone viral on social media platforms. Golfers shared the video on social media.  Read the entire story here.Watch The Video Below:

A crocodile that is believed to have belonged to Adolf Hilter has died in Moscow zoo. The alligator had survived World War II bombing in Berlin by escaping the zoo which was bombed in 1943. Read the entire story here.Here' s The Alligator:


A fun trend of #YellowTwitter is trending on Twitter where users are sharing their pics dressed in yellow outfits. We have seen such trends coming up every few days.Check the tweets here:

A man in Malaysia saved a monitor lizard, whose face was stuck in a tin can. He helped remove the tin which was captured on video.Watch The Video Here:

A Twitter user has shared a picture of her pet dog who has got an irregular trim because the clipper's battery died down. The look of the dog is too funny and is loved by everyone online.Check the pic here:

A Twitter user sparked a fun conversation when she asked users if they know of their parents' pop culture celebrity crushes. It got everyone discussing who their parents crushed on.Check tweets:

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Welcome to another day of ‘new normal.’ By now, all of us have adjusted with this new schedule of everyday life, by staying indoors. It is indeed a difficult time, but life never stops. Social media users have been in great spirit this whole time. Every day, without fail, they will come with new challenges, videos and memes to keep each other engaged, and spread joy and hope. If you are struggling to get out of the bed, let the netizens help you with their Tuesday Morning Quotes and messages. While #TuesdayThoughts are already trending on Twitter, there are more we are expecting to circulate online. From trending topics to viral videos and funny memes, watch out this space to know what netizens are sharing today, May 26, 2020.

Social media has been playing a significant role during this time. Every day, some videos and memes are coming up that is keeping the netizens engaged. Besides, there are viral challenges that engages the internet users, to help them keep their sanity. It is a testing period. With so many people losing their lives due to the contagious infection, it is important to keep our heads straight and remain positive. Let's make sure that we spread only happy thoughts on various social media platforms for the sake of good mental health. The medium has the ability to create careers of people overnight and at the same time, can lead to their destruction.

Stay in tune with us to know what is captivating the netizens, every hour. We will keep updating this blog, with all the latest videos and memes from the social media world.