17 Oct, 20:28 (IST)

Video of a microphone being held in front of a snoring cat sleeping goes viral. Watch:

Just a cat snoring into a microphone from r/aww

17 Oct, 18:43 (IST)

Video of adorable pandas enjoying a slide goes viral. Watch video:

17 Oct, 15:02 (IST)
Post-wedding photos of a Kerala couple have gone viral garnering criticisms from different quarters. The intimate pictures were trolled by social media users as it was being widely shared in another case of moral policing.Check Out the Photos Below:
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17 Oct, 13:07 (IST)

A video of a woman saving her drink while the baby standing next to her falls to the floor, has gone viral on social media platforms. The clip has initiated a lot of funny memes and jokes on the internet.Watch The Video Below:

17 Oct, 11:57 (IST)

NASA, the space agency took to Twitter saying that Moon is Earth's 'protective BFF'. They also said that the Moon has always had Earth's back.Here's The Tweet:

17 Oct, 10:28 (IST)

On the first day of Navratri, people have taken to Twitter sending festive wishes to their loved ones. Happy Navratri Wishes and messages are being widely shared on social media platforms.Happy Navratri!

Navratri Wishes to All!

17 Oct, 08:14 (IST)

On Saturday morning people have taken to Twitter sharing inspirational quotes and motivational thoughts using the hashtags #SaturdayMotivation #SaturdayMorning and #SaturdayThoughts.Check out the Tweets Below:

Food For Thought:

It's the weekend, a time we all await! After a long day of work everyone looks forward to this day. But if you are among the unlucky ones, who do not get a weekend off, then you can look up to Twitter for some Saturday Motivation. #SaturdayThoughts and #SaturdayMotivation will beautiful images and good morning quotes have started trending online. As we move through this day, we will keep you all updated with other trending topics, funny memes and viral videos that are going viral today from around the world.

Today marks a festive beginning, the nine-day festival of Navaratri. It is one of the most significant times of the year. But because of the pandemic as celebrations turn virtual, people will share their messages, wishes and photos with everyone over social media. So for the next few days, there will be Navratri vibes over Twitter. We will keep you updated in this section.

With social media donning a festive look, we will also keep a tab on other things that are creating a buzz online. Be it fun trends, viral videos or new memes that are rising. One cannot predict what goes viral over the internet and there are some bizarre stories coming in from different parts of the world. In this section, we will keep you updated with the funniest memes, jokes and viral videos from around the world. We wish you a Happy Saturday and a great weekend ahead! Wishing you all a Happy Navratri and great festive day ahead, have a safe one.