A self-proclaimed Instagram model with a following of 450,000 decided to break up with her boyfriend who wanted her to post his pictures too on her account on Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform. The model broke up with her boyfriend while vacationing with him in Mexico after he demanded to be part of her social media photos. Read the full story here

Chandrayaan 2 could have passed through the Australian sky, as around the time of the launch (7:30 pm in Australia), people from Queensland and the Northern territory were stunned to spot striking light in the evening skies. They have reported to news outlets that the unexplained light could be UFO. However, an Australian astronaut confirmed it to be India's moon mission. Read the entire story here

Some animal videos are too cute and some are too funny. A video has been shared widely on social media which shows a monkey showing his bum to a pet dog whose barking at it. A dog is watching through a glass window at the monkey outside. The monkey comes and shows his bum to the dog. The video is too funny to be missed out on.

Watch Funny Video of Monkey and a Dog:

Melin Jones, the birthday girl's mother had gone to her local walmart to pick up a birthday cake for her daughter. The two-year-old girl's name is Liz and nicknamed Lizard. Her mother asked the Walmart lady to write, "Happy Birthday Lizard." To her utter dismay, she did not hear 'Lizard' but 'Loser'. Yes, her birthday cake had "Happy Birthday Loser" written on it. Jones further clarified that her two-year-old do not know how to read but her gloomy reaction was epic. Jones snapped her now-viral pout, before ordering another birthday cake for her toddler.

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A couple from the United States, sold their house to afford a purple diamond ring. The unidentified woman from the U.S. posted a photograph of her flowery purple diamond ring on "That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming Facebook" page. However, netizens are not impressed and the now-viral post is getting trolled online. Read the full story here

Instead of the grey rain clouds, the sky was bright, clear and unusually blue today. The view is so rare that Mumbaikars could not control but share some mesmerising pictures of the beautiful skyline on social media. People paused the everyday hustle and stare at the view above their heads. Read the full story here.

Stunning Images of the Skyline Graces Twitter

View from Navi Mumbai

Few More Beautiful Images

A recent hilarious moment was encountered by a few British Police officers during their late-night shift in Plymouth. On their duty, they chased a “Dinosaur” down the city street and shared the clip online. The hilarious video is now making rounds on the internet, with other people joining in the hysteric chase. Read the full story here.

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People have taken to Twitter remembering freedom fighters Chandrashekhar Azad and Bal Gangadhar Tilak on their birth anniversary. Twitter is filled with tributes to the late revolutionaries.

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Tributes to The Great Minds:

As Tamil actor Suriya turns 44 today, people have taken to social media wishing him. Suriya has a mass appeal in the South and is known for the huge fan following.

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Birthday Wishes Pour on Twitter:

People have taken to social media tweeting #TuesdayThoughts and #TuesdayMotivation. Many have posted motivational quotes giving people the inspiration they need.

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Thought for Life!

It's Tuesday morning and Twitter is yet again filled with messages and quotes wishing social media users a great day ahead. People have taken to Twitter with #TuesdayThoughts and #TuesdayMotivation sharing quotes and sayings inspiring everyone for a better tomorrow. And as the day progresses, we promise to bring viral stories from around the world to you. From the latest tweets, funny memes, GIF images to hilarious videos, we will keep you updated live on anything and everything that is trending around the world.

Meanwhile, Twitter is also abuzz with birthday wishes to Tamil actor Suriya who is turning 44 today. Tens of thousands of tweets with the hashtag #HappyBirthdaySURIYA has flooded social media. Suriya is among one of the most popular actors in the Tamil industry who has a mass appeal and humungous fan following. His birthdays are often a time of celebration for its fans and followers. Suriya Birthday Special: Best Five Romantic Songs of Tamil Cinema’s Heartthrob!

Chandrayaan 2: Where Is The Spacecraft Now & When It Will Reach The Moon; Know ISRO Mission's Path

July 23 also marks the birth anniversary of two of the most important national figures of India. Freedom fighters Chandrashekhar Azad and Bal Gangadhar Tilak were born on this day. People have taken to Twitter paying tributes to revolutionaries who played key roles in the Indian Independence Movement. Twitterati is paying homage to them with the hashtag #BalGangadharTilak and #ChandrashekharAzad. Various events and programs will be held in various parts of the country commemorating the birth anniversary of the two great minds. Their contributions to the society in freeing Indian from the clutches of the British empire will be discussed in detail.