A CCTV footage revealed a small dog wandering in the supermarket, casually and confidently. Striding towards the cookie isle where the donuts were station, the pooch can be seen picking them up with its mouth and running away successfully. The hilarious clip is going viral online.Watch Viral Video:

Saturday cannot just begin or even end well, if adorable pictures of cats do not surface on Twitter. These cats are ready to spend to leisure or even trouble their owners at times on purpose to make attention-seeking just purr-fect like them.Here Are the Pictures:

Poser!Oh, My Heart!Oh, Hello:

The kids who came home from school were horrified to see their mother's tongue pierces with a pair of scissors. Why would you do that? The children rightly freaked out. It appeared that the mother from Arkport, New York was only pranking her kids.Watch Viral Video:

The Museum of English Rural Life, England has shared a beautiful thread explaining about the adorable moment of reunion between an old copy of The Secret Garden and its original owners. One of the sisters, named Zoe, who visited the museum browsing the books, stumbled upon the old, worn copy. She opened the book and in the inside cover found her sister's name, written in hieroglyphics, when they were kids. Sooner they realised that it was their copy of The Secret Garden.Here's the Viral Thread:

World's longest passenger flight, Qantas is testing a 20-hour non-stop journey from New York City to Sydney. The flight took off and is set to cover 10,000 miles in a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner with a team of researchers. They will monitor how passengers will cope with the extended trip.See Pic:

A haunting moment has been captured on CCTV and is making rounds ahead of Halloween 2019. The terrifying ventriloquist doll called Mr Fritz has possibly come to life after footage showed it blinking and moving its mouth. The owner, Michael Diamond from Liverpool, England could not believe his eyes when he the clip of his 1940s World War II dummy. Soon the glass window opened, the creepy-looking doll began to move on its own.Watch the Viral Video:

A surveillance camera captured burglary in the Brazilian city of Amarante. What made it to the headlines is the gesture of the thief who calmed an elderly customer and kissed her forehead when she offered to give up her money. The thieves escaped the pharmacy reportedly with $240 and other goods.Watch Viral Video:

It may sound extremely weird, but Bhagat Pre-University College in Haveri, Karnataka made its students wear cardboard boxes during exam. To the authorities, the move has been done to curb cheating menace at exam centre.View Pic:

A cockroach in New York City is going crazy viral by appearing to take a smoke break at a subway station in Manhattan, New York City. The insect was spotted dragging the cigarette bud around the stairwell. The video has amassed more than 2 million views and the number seems to only increase.Watch the Viral Video:

A picture of Shahrukh Khan and youngest son, AbRam Khan posted in a newspaper was about to land SRK in trouble. Best friend Juhi Chawla thought AbRam was drinking out of a plastic bottle and was ready to yell at Shahrukh Khan. People are pleased to see celebrities caring about the environment.Juhi Chawla's Tweet

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