Twitter Instructs People to ‘Look Up’ and the Replies and Funny Memes Are Making Everyone Laugh
Twitter Says Look Up! (Photo Credits: YouTube/ Twitter)

Twitter has something hilarious every day. We see celebrities starting dramas, we see people tweeting strange things and that blows up to become a meme, and all the new trends. This time, it looks like Twitter got bored and started a trend to entertain the users. The official account of the microblogging website created some buzz by simply tweeting two words. This soon went viral and we got to see some reactions that make it difficult to put our phones down. We know Twitter users have an impeccable sense of humour, but Twitter’s official account gave us a pleasant surprise with the replies on people’s response to their tweet. Dolphins Love Getting High on Pufferfish Toxins! New Finding About Aquatic Mammals Gets Twitter High With Funny Memes and Reactions.

Twitter is easily our favourite social media platform to get our daily dose of giggles. Bored during the college break? Bored at work and need a break? Or travelling a long distance? Twitter to the rescue! This time, Twitter started a trend by tweeting “Look up!” and it was enough to attract some chuckle-worthy responses. Here are some of the best replies to the tweet and how Twitter made it funnier!

The Original Tweet That Started It All

Thirsty Much?

That's Clever


Hopping on the Friends Train


Stop Scaring Us!

Twitter Says So!

These reactions cracked us up! Twitter knows how to get people talking. If a celebrities are quiet, Twitter will take things in its hands and get people's attention. Noice!