The easy accessibility to variety of social mediums at one point has its advantages and disadvantages. And with the growing dependency on social media by almost everyone today, we also have a lot of fake accounts which use pictures of some others, pulled from different mediums. But if you are careful enough, you can spot a fake social media account. Recently, Twitter users were able to expose a catfish account 'Bold Balika' that was using pictures of an artist from Argentina. While that "secret" is now exposed, we also tell you how you can find out whether an account is a real or a fake one. #AayushiBewafaHai Funny Memes and Binod Jokes Trend Online, But Who is Aayushi?

A Twitter account named Bold Balika (@boldbalika) which has over 5,400 followers has been called out by users for being a catfish account. The user in their last tweet asked, "I'm still virgin and you????" Besides, the account user has been using pictures lifted of Argentinian artist named Jacinta's Instagram profile. Twitter user @vilisbitch shared screenshots of the pictures being uploaded by Bold Balika and the ones on Jacinta's account. Dr Aisha Who Passed Away of COVID-19 Is Fake Story? Netizens Question Whether Viral Pics Are Real or Fake; Here's The Truth.

Here's The Tweet From Catfish Account:

Check The Tweet That Has Exposed The Catfish: 

Here Are The Pics Lifted Off The Artist's Instagram:

Other Users Calling it Out:

Are You Real?

With the fake account being called out, it is likely that it may get suspended by Twitter. Many people use fake pictures and tweets to attract more audiences and interactions with them. While this account is now exposed, we tell you how you can find if a certain account is a catfish or a fake social media account.

How to Spot a Catfish Account?

  • Catfish accounts usually lift their photos from the internet. So one of the ways to find is reverse search the images on Google. It is one of the simplest ways to find people who use fake photos. Unfortunately, Instagram does not have reverse search which makes it difficult to find fake accounts.
  • Try to understand the kind of content that is being posted. Is it only one that will get attention from others? Is it purposely provocative or is it too revealing? Most users pick revealing pictures to attract more followers.
  • Check the followers of the account. A lot of them could be bots which can be easily bought today. There are several sites which offer to find fake followers. So if majority of them are bots, it could likely be a catfish account.
  • If you are having regular conversations with them, ask them to send their photos, ones that are real-time. Do a reverse search on those pictures as well.
  • You could ask other mutual users to help in finding out if the account is handled by the person it seems. If you find inconsistencies, then it is likely a fake account.

These are some ways you can start looking for catfish accounts and once you find these accounts, do bring it to notice of others. Catfish accounts can access your personal information and misuse it in future. So be careful of such accounts.

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