London, February 12: London Stansted Airport, one of the UK's busiest airports, has become a hotspot for UFO sightings, according to a UFO expert who has called for the Government to investigate. Nick Pope, a former Ministry Of Defence (MoD) official who ran its UFO investigation unit, said there were 27 reported UFO sightings in Essex in the past six years, some of which involved near misses with passenger jets.

In one incident, a Ryanair plane taking off from Stansted was approached by a mysterious black object that passed within 20 metres of the aircraft, travelling at 230 mph, the Daily Star reported. The pilot reported the encounter, but the airport's drone monitoring system did not detect anything. Other sightings included a green fluorescent light, a big faded ball of light, and an unidentified object that triggered the collision avoidance systems of multiple planes landing at Stansted. UFO Sighted in UK? ‘Object’ Flashes Out of Massive Cloud With Repeated Lightning in It, Claims Locals in Gloucestershire; Eerie Video Surfaces.

UFO Hotspot in the UK:

Pope said these incidents posed a serious flight safety issue and urged the UK Government to follow the example of the US, which is investigating more than 800 close encounters with military personnel. He said the MoD made a mistake by ending its UFO investigation programme in 2009 and suggested it was time to reverse this policy. UFO Spotted in UK: People, Three Pilots Reported Seeing Bizarre Objects in Essex, Here’s What Happened.

The UK has seen a surge in UFO reports in recent years, with Leeds being another hotspot. Last year, the Mirror reported that there were nine UFO sightings in Leeds in just two-and-a-half-years, and that NASA admitted they did not know what they were. The Mirror also published an interactive map showing the location of UFO sightings in the UK.

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