Mumbai, February 1: A mysterious object that resembles a crashed alien spacecraft has been discovered on the edge of a remote island in Antarctica. The object, which has a domed top, a wide rim, and a metallic appearance, was seen on Google Maps near Modev Peak on Two Hummock Island, a six-mile-long island with two rocky mountains.

The discovery was first shared on Reddit by web sleuths, who claimed that the object was a UFO that had landed or crashed on the island. They estimated that the object was about 12 metres in diameter and pointed out its smooth curvature and circular shape as evidence of its artificial origin. They dismissed the possibility that it was a natural formation of ice or rock and praised the find as a rare and remarkable sight. Alien Invasion: US Not Ready for Extraterrestrial Attack, Says Pentagon Watchdog.

UFO in Antarctica?

The object’s location also raised speculation, as it was near the site where a former US Navy officer, Eric Hecker, said he had witnessed “powerful machines” that could communicate with extraterrestrial crafts in deep space. Hecker made this revelation at the US UFO Disclosure meetings, which were held eight months ago to discuss the government’s knowledge and involvement in the UFO phenomenon. UFO Spotted in Iraq: 'Jellyfish' UAP in Leaked Video Caught Flying Over US Military Base, Then Disappearing Into Water.

According to Billy Carson, a paranormal researcher and UFO believer, Antarctica is hiding a sinister secret beneath its frozen surface. He says that a NASA photo shows a “pyramid” in the Ellsworth Mountains, which he claims is a sign of an “ancient evil” that could be unleashed by scientific exploration. He also says that Buzz Aldrin, the former astronaut, has warned about the danger of this evil force. Many people have dismissed his theory as nonsense, but he insists that it is true.

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