Last night a UFO was reportedly spotted in Ludhiana creating a wave of excitement on social media as pics and videos of this shiny object in the night sky go viral. In the videos shared by netizens from Ludhiana, Punjab one can clearly see an object with lights, moving in the sky. While for all you know, it could be an aircraft, BUT netizens cannot stop talking about aliens. UFO enthusiasts are wondering if it was a spaceship while others believe it could have been a meteor. Amongst the assumptions, people continue to share the videos and pics of the UFO on Twitter and Instagram while asking if anyone holds information related to the strange sighting of the night sky. From Flying Saucer 'UFOs', Life on Venus to Galactic Federation and 'Alien' Monoliths, Year 2020 Sparked Some Crazy 'Out of This World' Happenings and Theories.

"Did you spot something around 9:00-9:05 pm in the city sky tonight!! Many people who witnessed it are claiming it to be either plane & some calling it meteor !!  We are NOT sure what exactly it was!!", wrote an Instagram user. "Something wired fire in sky" wrote a Twitter user. Yet another one said, "UFO SPOTTED IN LUDHIANA, INDIA" along with sharing the video.

UFO in Ludhiana? Netizens Share Videos and Pics of an Unidentified Object:


Here's Another One

UFO Spotted

This is not the first time a UFO has been spotted in the sky. In the month of April, last year aliens theories were spun after Pentagon's release of "unidentified aerial phenomena with three clips of what was described as UAP looking like UFOs taken back in November 2004.  Similarly, in September, 2020 an object in the shape of a flying saucer was seen by a man in Liverpool.  In August 2020, Russian cosmonaut Ivan Vagner shared a video that saw not one but five UFOs in the Earth's Southern Hemisphere! Vagner filmed five lights and dubbed them as "space guests." The video also captured Aurora Australis but it was the five lights that led to more speculation.

Not just UFOs in the sky the most recent strange appearance of monoliths across the world were connected to aliens online as well.  Well, we still do not have the exact confirmation about the flying object in Ludhiana as we wait for further information.

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