UK Mother Suffocates Young Daughters to Death for Disrupting Her Sex Life
Mother kills daughters in UK (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A 23-year-old mother in the United Kingdom killed her two daughters as they "got in the way" of her sex life. Louise Porton killed three-year-old Lexi Draper and 17-month-old Scarlett Vaughan last year. She suffocated Lexi in their home on January 15 last year and 18 days later, she strangled Scarlett to death. After a five-week trial, she was found guilty by a jury at Birmingham Crown Court. Louise who used to work as a part-time model was annoyed that her daughters caused repercussions in her sexual relationships with men. US Mother Kills Two-Year-Old Son for Bedwetting, Sentenced to 40 Years Jail.

After she was held guilty of the crime, shocking CCTV footage showing the final moments of her three-year-old being murdered by the mother was released. The clip shows Louise taking Lexi into their home in Warwickshire before suffocating her to death. Two weeks later, she was seen carrying Scarlett from a hotel in Rugby where she had been staying. The police said that the baby was already dead and she was simply carrying her through the lobby. Other than doing modelling assignments, Louise used to have sex with men she met online for money. She used to send them explicit photos and videos. Texas Mother Sentenced 40 Years Prison for Letting Her Daughters Slowly Die in Car As She Partied.

After police seized her phone, they found searches including how long it took a dead body "to go cold up to the shoulder" and "five weird things that happen when you die". When asked about the death of her daughters, she claimed that her daughters died naturally and prosecutors said that she behaved 'calm and emotionless' following Scarlett's death. When Lexi was ill in the hospital, a week before she died, Louise took topless photos in the toilets and was getting ready to have sex with the men she met online. And a day after the death, she had accepted 41 friend requests on a dating app.

According to prosecutors, a funeral arranger said that at the funeral parlour of Lexi she was seen 'using FaceTime and that she was speaking to a man'. Both children had signs of bleeding in neck tissue and doctors said that there was 'no natural reason' why it could be a natural death. Absentminded German Parents Forget Baby Inside Taxi As They Return From Hospital After Birth of Child.

Det Supt Pete Hill, from Warwickshire Police, was quoted as saying, "I will never be able to understand why Louise Porton murdered her children. She has lied repeatedly to friends, family and professionals to cover her tracks. At no point throughout the whole investigation has she ever shown any real signs of emotion." The girls' father, Chris Draper who were not in contact with them were heartbroken to know about the death of her daughters.

Daily Mail quoted Chris Draper as saying, "When we lost Lexi we were heartbroken and couldn't believe she had gone. Then we were devastated to hear about Scarlett. Only having a short time with Lexi and never meeting Scarlett makes it all the more heartbreaking. The loss of Lexi and Scarlett has not just affected the immediate family, but also all those who were part of their lives. The only comfort is that Lexi and Scarlett are together. We would like to thank everyone for their support and help."