Lancashire, December 4: In a startling incident from the United Kingdom, a man received human poop in his online shopping order of several grocery products. He claimed that what he witnessed left him feeling nauseated and humiliated. Phil Smith, a 59-year-old Lancashire resident, was reportedly out of town for almost a month. For restocking his supplies when he returned, he bought groceries worth Rs 15,000 from the British supermarket chain Iceland, according to an article published in UK's Metro.

He was carrying the goods to his kitchen to unload them after his order was delivered. Nevertheless, the discovery was made when the food bags fell into the corridor. When the faeces fell, Smith was completely taken aback. UK Customer Disgusted on Finding Entire Chicken Head with Beak and Eyes in Box of KFC Hot Wings.

I was startled to see all this crap fall out. What on earth is this, I wondered? I discovered diarrhoea when I opened another package. I told the site that I am pretty squeamish as it is, and this was disgusting and sickening, he told to the portal. The retailer was subsequently called by Smith, who requested that they pick up the food bags right away. He went on to say that all he wanted was recognition for the horrifying event—he didn't care for money. The 59-year-old went on to say that he later received a refund offer.

At the time, I informed them I didn't want a replacement and asked for it to be picked up. They have just been flippant with me throughout the last few days. I don't want any sort of compensation—I simply want my money back. Anything contributed to me will go towards supporting animal charities., he added. UK Man Caught Reaching Out to Shorts And Sprinkling Pubic Hair on Food at Restaurant to Avoid Paying the Bill, 'Disgusting' Video Goes Viral.

According to Smith, a health inspector will be visiting the Hyndburn store and that he had spoken with the local government. The retail company stated that an inquiry is being conducted but declined to speak further.

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