Leeds, January 19: Niamh Hearn, a 21-year-old college student, went to the hospital for what she believed to be a standard appendix procedure but instead came home with a newborn child. Niamh, who was studying for a foundation degree in acting at University Centre Leeds, says she was shocked to hear that she was in labour and had no idea she was pregnant. Niamh expressed her shock, saying she had thought that any physical changes she had seen were just the result of "getting a bit fat" from frequent drinking during her time in college.

The incident happened in 2022, but it has just now gone viral. A healthy baby boy called Liam, weighing six pounds and born two weeks ahead of schedule, was born to Niamh. It's Triplets! Woman Gives Birth to Three Babies Through Normal Delivery in Bhiwandi.

The now 21-year-old Niamh acknowledged that she had been drinking and smoking every night during her pregnancy, and that she had even gone to a three-day festival just two weeks before she gave birth. Doctors told her that Liam was born completely healthy, despite her initial astonishment and concerns about the possible harm caused by her lifestyle choices. Niamh said, looking back on her habits throughout her pregnancy, "I was relieved to learn he was doing well." At university, I drank almost every night. We were drinking all night, leaving about 6 pm and not returning until 2 am, she revealed to the media site The Sun. Notably, she had broken up with the baby's father, whom she had met at a party, four months before to Liam's birth. Gujarat Shocker: Woman Gives Birth to Newborn Child With 60 ml of Nicotine Levels in Mehsana Hospital, Doctors Say Mother's Tobacco Addiction Led to Child's 'Overdosing'.

Pictures of Niamh taken during her pregnancy have gone viral, showing off her remarkably flat tummy even six months into the pregnancy. When Niamh woke up one morning with "crippling" stomach discomfort, she originally assumed it was caused by her menstruation. She contacted her Nanna in concern, and she was told to dial 111. The first diagnosis was appendicitis, but things took a surprising turn.

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