Louisiana, November 25: A sixty-year-old woman in the United States recalled the day she went to the hospital for a headache, and when she woke up, she had no memory of the previous thirty years of her life. According to the New York Post, the fascinating medical case started in 2018 when the 56-year-old lady woke up thinking she was still a teenager in the 1980s. Louisiana resident Kim Denicola is currently savouring this Christmas season as she considers the several occasions she was unable to celebrate due to her unexplained memory loss.

Denicola, told WAFB, "It's a big deal; I've lost a lot of Christmases." I find it incredible, and I'm sure others do too. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would wake up in a hospital and be sixty years old when I got up and went to bible study, she added. Irish Man Rushed To Hospital After He Suffers Memory Loss Within 10 Minutes Of Having Sex With Wife.

Her family claims that while attending a bible study, she suddenly experienced blurred eyesight and a blinding headache. She was married and had two children, but she didn't remember any of it when she woke up in the hospital emergency room. Denicola's last memory was on her last day of school.

I was heading for my car as I was leaving school. I had recently completed my final exam before graduating from senior year. 'Do you know what year it is?', the nurse inquired. 'Yes, ma'am, it is 1980, I said. When she asked about the name of the president, I said, "Ronald Reagan", Denicola stated.

The fact that her father and mother had passed away years prior further devastated her. Despite performing a number of tests and scans, doctors are unable to definitively determine what happened to her, despite her diagnosis of temporary global amnesia (TGA). In 2023, after a span of five years, the sixty-year-old woman is yet to regain her memories. Lil Wayne Opens Up About Memory Loss, Admits Difficulty Recalling His Own Songs.

According to the doctors, she is unlikely to ever regain her memories if they haven't already returned by now. The woman is currently getting to know her family, which includes her husband, kids, and four grandkids, again and is still attempting to make sense of her new existence. She has also been reading journal entries to reminisce about her life, although she said it seems like reading about someone else.

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