Tennessee, February 3: When Kerigan Nardi's home security system alerted her and her husband to an unexpected guest who was staying at their house, their usual date night took a terrifying turn. The Nardi couple was shocked to learn that there had been activity in their southeast Nashville home in Tennessee, United States on Saturday, January 27. After ruling out the possibility that their pets had sent off a false alert, the couple chose to remotely examine their security cameras. They were shocked to see someone storming into their house with force, going through their stuff, and then, in an unexpected turn of events, taking a shower, according to a UNILAD investigation.

When police arrived at the Nardi home in response to the distress call, they discovered the intruder—Samuel Smith—lazily seated on their couch, wearing nothing except a towel around his waist. According to the arrest document, Smith was apprehended right away and charged with methamphetamine possession and aggravated criminal trespassing. Australia: Family Discovers Young Man Sleeping on Their Couch Probably After a 'Fun' Night; Video of Stranger Taking a Nap Goes Viral.

"He was sitting on our couch, naked," Kerigan recalled, describing the couple's sense of violation. People are not simply violated in that way. What type of psychosis you're in is irrelevant. What sort of drugs you utilise is irrelevant, but you don't violate someone by breaking into their home, she added. Shaken by the event, the Nardis have done a great deal to make their house feel safe again. They threw out the towel the burglar used, bleached their shower, and properly cleaned the places he entered. Bizarre! 'Poo Cyclist' Flees After Defecating In Stranger's Driveway In Melbourne's Brighton (Video).

The couple, traumatised by the incident, has increased the security of their property by putting a barrier to their entrance and installing a deadbolt lock for further safety when they are gone. Additionally, they intend to add more cameras to their monitoring system and are urging their neighbours to follow suit.

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