Missouri, November 24: During a colonoscopy, doctors in United States were taken aback to find a house fly, still whole, within the patient's intestines. The discovery, which was made and published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, came about after a 63-year-old man in Missouri went in for a standard colon screening. Everything was going according to plan during the colonoscopy until the medical professionals discovered a fully developed fly at the top of the big intestine or the transverse colon.

The University of Missouri School of Medicine experts noted in the journal, "This case represents a very rare colonoscopic finding and mystery on how the intact fly found its way to the transverse colon." Tapeworm in US Woman’s Brain Shocks Doctors Who Thought it Was A Tumour; How Do Parasites Enter the Brain?

The 63-year-old patient, whose name has not been made public, was similarly shocked to learn of the finding and didn't know how the bug entered his body. He admitted to the physicians that he had only drunk clear liquids before to the treatment and that he had eaten lettuce and pizza the day before, but he did not remember ever seeing a fly on any of the food. Doctors stated the man showed no signs of having consumed it.

Separately, University of Missouri chief of gastroenterology Matthew Bechtold told The Independent that he and other medical professionals probed the fly and determined it was dead. "The fly was not moving on its own or with manipulation with the scope", the doctors wrote in the journal. Spider in Ear! Terrifying Video Shows Spider Raising Colony of Offspring Inside Woman's Ear Who Complained to Doctors of 'Buzzing Sound'.

Bechtold offered two theories as to how the insect may have entered the man's stomach—either by ingestion or by entering his rectum—but he and the other medical professionals are still baffled as to how the house fly got into the transverse colon. Bechtold stated that "you would think that upper digestive enzymes and stomach acid would have degraded the fly" if it had gotten inside through the man's lips. But the fly was still whole, which lessens the likelihood of this theory.

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