Pittsburgh, January 5: In a bizarre yet costly episode, a Pittsburgh couple was left in disbelief as their Goldendoodle, named Cecil, decided to indulge in an expensive snack by devouring nearly USD 4,000 in cash last month, December 2023. On December 8, Clayton and Carrie Law were shocked to discover that their typically well-behaved dog had ingested the money they had withdrawn from the bank just 30 minutes prior.

According to multiple reports, seeking advice online, the couple discovered that damaged currency could be sent to the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing for reimbursement, but the process could take several years. Instead, the Laws opted to wait for Cecil to naturally expel the cash, a decision endorsed by their bank. Over the course of three days, Cecil vomited and defecated USD 50 and USD 100 bills, prompting the Laws to meticulously recover and piece together the torn currency. 'Mystery' Disease Hits Dog Population in US: Hundreds of Dogs Sick Due To 'Mysterious, Potentially Fatal' Respiratory Illness Across America, Say Reports.

Dog ‘Cecil’ Eats Cash Worth USD 4,000 in Pittsburgh


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Despite the unusual and labour-intensive process, the couple managed to salvage around USD 3,500 of the original USD 4,000. As per reports, the recovered money is currently in their possession, awaiting confirmation from the bank on whether it can be deposited. Carrie Law shared the unexpected ordeal on Instagram, never expecting the overwhelming response the video received. Small Dog Gets Stuck Behind Toilet Seat, US Firefighters Rescued the Puppy (See Pics).

Since its posting on December 14, the video has garnered nearly 12 million views, turning the incident into an unexpected viral sensation. The humorous take on an unfortunate situation even led to Clayton, a marketing and sales coach, acquiring a new client who saw the video. The Laws, initially frustrated by Cecil's unexpected snack, now find amusement in the unique experience and the unexpected popularity of their video.

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