New York, January 7: Elderly people frequently have complete tooth loss as a result of ageing. Young people seldom lose their teeth, but there may be a medical condition to blame. A 38-year-old woman is making headlines in the United States despite losing all of her teeth at quite a young age. Netizens are drawn to her transformation in front of the camera despite her condition. Model Jessica Wheeler hails from Austin, Texas, in the United States. Her remarkable transition from a toothless look to an attractive young woman is garnering attention on the internet. Jessica's makeup skills, which she uses to change who she is, have won over the global internet.

Jessica, who goes by the online persona "Denture Queen," disclosed in a TikTok video that she has a calcium and vitamin B12 deficiency, which is the source of her illness. Fashion Influencer Shivani Raina’s Alluring Style Statement Sees Her Rise High Across the USA.

She also mentioned in the video that she is deficient in vitamin D. She claims that she takes many vitamins to make up for the inadequacies. "Though there were other contributing factors that led to my tooth loss, I'm not at liberty to discuss them due to safety concerns, health issues played a role", she added.

She can be seen transforming into a stunning influencer in one of her viral videos. In the video, she can be seen applying a heavy layer of foundation to her face and flashing her famous "gummy smile." She keeps applying more makeup on her face till she eventually turns into a gorgeous woman. By the end, she had a red-white wig, pointed eyebrows, and dentures that made her seem completely unrecognisable. Who Is Rose Montoya? White House Bans After Topless Trans Influencer Flashes Breasts at US President Biden's Pride Month Event! Everything You Need To Know.

Jessica had some motivational things to say on Facebook before she shared a video of herself changing. She says that although she had always desired to fit in, the past few years have shown her that being different is actually a positive thing and that it's okay not to fit in.

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