Washington, November 24: Ironically, after being named the "World's Most Litigious Man," Jonathan Lee Riches, a guy from Kentucky in the United States with a reputation for being litigious, has filed a lawsuit against the Guinness Book of World Records (GBR). Riches filed a lawsuit to prevent releasing what he believed to be false information because he was unhappy with the title and nicknames that the record-keeping organisation had suggested.

Who is Jonathan Lee Riches?

Riches first came to light when he sued his mother, claiming she had not raised him properly. Riches has an odd record of filing over 5,000 lawsuits against various people and institutions, including his mother, friends, judges, and even famous people like Bill Belichick, Martha Stewart, Britney Spears, and the Eiffel Tower. Remarkably, he prevailed in the case and received a $20,000 settlement. Indian-Origin Man Tries To Sue Australian Hospital for USD 643 Million Claiming Wife’s C-Section Process in 2018 Caused Him ‘Psychotic Illness’.

The Kentucky native persisted in his legal rampage, earning money from many instances totalling around $8 million. Riches launched a lawsuit against the GBR when he discovered that the publication intended to name him the "Most Lawsuit-Happy Man" in its 2010 edition. Calling them his "legal masterpieces," he said that GBR had no authority to disclose his legal attempts.

Jonathan Lee's Legal Battles

Riches challenged the integrity of the case count, asserting that, in contrast to the 2,600 instances listed, he had filed almost 5,000 lawsuits. Throughout the hearing, he said that the GBR had asked for his authorization several times, but he had turned it down because of the alleged errors. He finally prevailed in the case and received $50,000 in compensation. UK: Man Claims COVID-19 Vaccine Caused Brain Injury, Sues Pharma Giant AstraZeneca.

But Riches's legal troubles didn't stop there. During the litigation against GBR, he was incarcerated for wire fraud at the Federal Medical Centre in Lexington, Kentucky. After being freed in 2012, he continued his legal endeavours and fell into legal issues again in 2018 after being charged by an Arizona federal grand jury. Fictitious claims and other frauds connected to an attempt to sue Gabby Giffords under the fictitious identity of Jared Lee Loughner were among the allegations.

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