Miami, January 8: Several videos recently surfaced online, claiming to show a 10-foot extraterrestrial outside a Miami shopping centre last week in the United States, that caused quite a stir on social media. According to Forbes, the video—which was presented as an extraterrestrial video—showed a significant police presence following a dispute between adolescents at the mall on New Year's Day. Later, the Miami Police notified NBC6 that no extraterrestrials were present at the site and stated that they were reacting to the large altercation that ended in several arrests.

News reports of an active shooter in the vicinity and a huge contingent of police cars gathered outside the mall sparked speculations on X and other social media platforms that the cops were actually there to deal with "8-10ft tall shadow aliens," not the unruly teens. Alien Base Spotted in United Kingdom? UFO Hunter Russell Kellett Claims to Discover 'Secret Underwater Alien Base' off Yorkshire Coast After Investigating Site of Reported Alien 'Abduction'.

Miami Mall Viral Video 

A towering monster was purportedly seen in a low-quality footage that went viral on the microblogging site, moving between the police cars and Miami's Bayside Marketplace, a two-story outdoor retail area. A crisper video, however, surfaced later on X and showed two to three individuals—likely police officers—moving in unison between the squad vehicles and a location close to the mall. UFO Sighting in Argentina: Mysterious Arrow-Shaped 'Alien Spacecraft' Seen Hovering Near El Escorial, Local Journalist Shares Photos.

The rumorsetters also manipulated footage showing terrified locals fleeing the scene to assert that a "creature" is in fact there. The noise that sounded like a gunshot contributed to the online conspiracy theories. However, Miami Police said that the noises were caused by fireworks in a post on X. Later, the city police informed NBC6, "There are no ETs, UFOs, or aliens. There were no airport closures. No blackouts of electricity."

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