Florida, February 9: Residents of Tampa Bay, Florida, in the United States, have been complaining of strange rolling bass tones that keep their kids awake at night and rattle their walls in a peculiar event. According to a New York Post report, these unexplained sounds have sparked wild theories about their source. The locals have been considering what may be behind this noise, from covert midnight operations at a neighbouring military facility to a nightclub that breaks codes.

In fact, many people bought into the hypothesis of arriving extraterrestrial squadrons. However, according to the reports, a local scientist thinks that the confusing sounds are coming from frisky fish. Mysterious Underground Sounds Cause Panic Among Locals at Chenappady in Kerala's Kottayam District, Experts Called in to Inspect Site.

According to the report, the scientist has determined that the terrible sound is coming from the mating noise made by the appropriately called black drum fish. Fish acoustic specialist James Locascio of the Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in Sarasota placed marine microphones nearby in an attempt to validate his idea. Nearly twenty years ago at Cape Coral, Locascio performed an echo of a definitive study, so he felt confident in his assertions.

I have three months to utilise a retired science teacher's back porch. In terms of my research, it was incredibly beneficial. This week, I gave her a call, and it was our first conversation in eighteen years. Locascio claimed in an interview with the New York Post, "I told her I was doing the same thing again", he added. According to the fish acoustic specialist, the black drum's winter mating season boom may reach up to 165 water decibels. As they collectively release the sound, it travels through the earth and may be heard on land. Bengaluru Had a Deja Vu? A Similar Mysterious Loud Sound Was Heard in The City 2 Years Ago in August 2018.

It takes on the form of an urban mystery. Numerous hypotheses are presented. People are only curious about its nature. That part of the unknown is what it is. Furthermore, using social media really makes you hear a variety of viewpoints, Locascio said.

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