There is no doubt that the US Presidential Election is one of the most-watched battles across the world. It is not only the Americans eagerly waiting as to who will take office in the White House, but the rest of the world is hooked with the news channels as well, covering the election results. It is a nail-biting moment for all of us, and to cope with the US Presidential Election 2020 anxiety, netizens are sharing funny memes and jokes, and they are absolutely hilarious. As of now, neither President Donald Trump nor Democratic candidate, Joe Biden has cleared the electoral votes to need to win the White House office. The margins are tight in several battleground states, and we all eagerly wait for the election result to be declared, in this article, we bring you US Presidential 2020 funny memes and jokes shared on social media to cope with this exciting and much stressful moment.

Ballot counting, recounting, legal challenges and voting analysts breaking down Electoral College maps are about as frustrating as virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, the voters’ turnout at the US election was much higher than the previous one in 2016, which clearly shows Americans’ enthusiasm towards the Presidential Election. The counting of votes extended past Election Day, and with the increasing number of voters’ turnout, counting every vote was expected to take more time. This is why to deal with the election stress; people are sharing hilarious memes and jokes on social media.

People are making memes expressing their feeling of voting in 2016, when the election was between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to this year’s election, Again, there are tweets as to how US vs the world is reacting to the US Presidential Election 2020. No matter what, the memes are hilarious and are the moment of much-needed levity.

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Meanwhile, Indians Be Like

What a Fun!



Seems Like Indians Are Way to Excited for the Election!

Can't Even


All Eyes on Nevada and Georgia RN

With election maps soon to be filled in as polls closed and results started to roll in, it is surely a nail-biting moment for the US citizens and even the rest of the world. The election is Joe Biden’s third run as the presidential candidate, while the current President of the US, Donald Trump is contesting for a second term in office.

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