Mumbai, January 24: An American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Austin faced an unexpected delay after a disruptive passenger loudly passed gas and was subsequently removed from the plane. The incident, which occurred on Sunday, January 14, gained attention after a Reddit user, u/Glamgalatx, shared the story on the r/Austin subreddit. The witness described the passenger as "audibly disgruntled" or possibly hungover.

According to a report by the Independent Post, the disruptive behaviour began when the individual loudly passed gas and, in an uncalled-for move, announced, "You thought that was rude? Well, how about this smell." As fellow passengers unpacked snacks, the disruptive passenger urged everyone to eat the smelliest food simultaneously, escalating tensions. A verbal altercation ensued when another passenger retorted, "If you don't like it, you can fly private." 'Instagram Famous' Woman in Bodysuit Kicked Off American Airlines Flight; Viral Videos Show Her Hurling Abuses to Other Flyers.

Passenger Removed for Loud Fart

Person removed from flight Phoenix to Austin, kinda funny story

byu/Glamgalatx inAustin

The disruptive individual deemed the response rude, leading to further exchanges. The situation became so contentious that the flight, which was taxiing for takeoff, had to return to the gate, as per a report by the People. The flight crew intervened, announcing over the loudspeaker that they were returning to the gate due to the interruption. A female flight attendant informed the disruptive passenger that he would not be allowed to continue the flight. American Airlines Flight Attendant Records Video of Minor Girls In Plane Restrooms, Arrested For Child Porn.

The man, seemingly confused, left the plane, bringing relief to fellow passengers. Despite the unusual incident causing a delay of 15-30 minutes, the Reddit user praised American Airlines for handling the situation swiftly. The story garnered attention on social media, with users humorously commenting on the unexpected twist during air travel.

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