A case of the shocking death of a woman has come to fore from Indiana, US. A woman named Laura Hurst, 36, was found dead in a house full of snakes, with a python around her neck. The woman was found unresponsive and an eight-foot-long reticulated python, one of the longest snakes in the world, was wrapped around her neck. The medics were rushed to the spot, but Hurst was unresponsive. Moreover, police found 140 more snakes in her house! Australian TV Presenter Gets Horribly Bitten by 6-Ft-Long Python on a Show, Watch Terrifying Video.

The property belonged to a local sheriff Don Munson and Hurst used to visit the house twice a week, as mentioned by the neighbours. Of the 140 snakes that were accommodated in the house, 20 of them belonged to Hurst. As per reports, Hurst had arrived to the house on Wednesday and was found lying on the floor. Although the police were able to unwrap the snake from around her neck, the medics were unable to revive her. Although it looks like the snake strangled the woman, the body has been sent for autopsy.

Sgt Kim Riley, an Indiana state police spokesman informed that the property is empty and has been renovated in a way to keep the collection of snakes. Don Munson who owns the property is a snake breeder and said that Laura Hurst was probably there to check up on her snakes. "For whatever reason, she apparently got the snake out and she was doing what people do with snakes," he was quoted to Journal & Courier. He also called it a tragic death. Yellow Python Kisses a Little Girl and Cuddles Her, Scary Video Goes Viral!

The report also mentioned that Hurst was very passionate about snakes and it was also a factor of negotiation in her ongoing divorce proceedings. Her relatives, however, declined to comment on her death.

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