New York, January 1: A couple reportedly found their Alexa gadget having a late-night discussion with their spouses, which sparked a peculiar episode that went viral and was both humorous and eerie. A TikTok video recently posted by a woman named Jess recounted the entire scenario, according to a New York Post report. She said that the smart gadget was always talking to her husband. Jess described the device as "super weird," shocked by its unusual behaviour as it proceeded to speak on its own.

"While I was out of town last weekend, Alexa continued to chat to my husband. These objects drew his notice at one in the morning when he was playing video games. Watching the tape, she described the entire episode and added, "This is very, really bizarre. But the problems didn't stop there. Additionally, Alexa began speaking back to the couple on her own initiative without prompting. They finally gave in to frustration and decided to remove the gadget from the house. 'Sophia' The Robot is a Puppet Claims Facebook’s AI Director Yann LeCun.

Jess said, "Now Alexa is officially evicted from our home." She was concerned about the privacy and independence of the gadget in their home as well as the unexpected conduct, which alarmed her.

Media reports claim that the TikTok video went viral and attracted a large number of viewers, who then joined the discussion and added their own anecdotes. Numerous people offered intriguing anecdotes about their experiences with Alexa, reporting instances in which they discovered the gadget talking, sending strange messages, or striking up conversations on its own. Collins Dictionary Names Artificial Intelligence as 'Word of The Year' As Generative AI Takes World By Storm in ChatGPT Era.

Previously, a California man claimed in an online report that his Alexa had started uttering the words, "Every time I close my eyes, all I see is people dying."

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