4/20 is an important day for many people in countries where marijuana or cannabis consumption is legal. 420 is a slang often used by people to talk about cannabis, which is why April 20 is known as 420 Day. The celebration of the day ranges from place to place, but most commonly, people who can legally consume weed often indulge in the substance at 4.20 pm on 4/20. Well, this 420 Day 2023 has seen some other engagement online. Because Twitter has announced another new set of rules around verification and Twitter Blue subscription. And, well, the internet has a lot to say about it. Twitter Verification New Update 2023: Blue Ticks To Be Removed From Legacy Accounts Today, CEO Elon Musk Says ‘Quite a Day’.

In the wee hours of 4/20 in India, the Twitter Verified account informed people that the company plans to remove all the legacy verification marks. Anyone who wanted the blue tick mark would have to buy the 8$ Twitter Blue subscription. This comes after the initial launch of Twitter Blue was subjected to various memes and jokes. While Twitter once made the distinction between Legacy Accounts and Twitter Blue subscribers by highlighting who bought the blue tick and who was awarded this. After various jokes and memes to ridicule the Twitter Blue Subscribers, all verification marks read an ambiguous message - that tick could be because they are Twitter Blue Subscribers or because it is a legacy account. This made the verified legacy accounts uncomfortable, but the new ruling has everyone making various comments on the move, the timing, and of course, drawing some 4/20 Day jokes.

It's all up in smoke

Some Questions on if 4/20 will be the final day

Many are now just eager to do away with their legacy check marks

And everyone is excited to find out who is actually subscribed to Twitter Blue again

Halle Berry spoke about becoming one of us

However, the most important question was also raised

Overall, most legacy verified accounts are clear that they will not be subscribing to Twitter Blue and also highlighted how the idea of a verified account has long lost its meaning. But many are already prepping for all the chaos that Twitter Blue accounts can do by once again impersonating brands. The previous debacle from when Blue was first launched caused several brands millions of dollars. From having a field day on social media by highlighting that the life-saving diabetes drug is not actually free to facing real-life consequences as the stock market reacted to several fake accounts’ tweets, the chaos was unprecedented. And various experts expect this to repeat when Twitter Blue becomes the only way that a verified checkmark or blue tick remains on the platform.

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